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Wild Wadi launches the UAE’s first haunted house in a waterpark

Starting from 17 October to 8 November, the water park’s supernatural resident Djinn is set to appear from the shadows to spook guests out of her former village.  Wild Wadi’s latest resident could be a poltergeist, supernatural being or an apparition and is thought to be behind a number of mysterious incidents that recently spooked people at the waterpark. 


“Haunted Heights is the UAE’s first ever haunted house in a waterpark that invites guests on a walkthrough journey through a crooked old house, by touching and feeling their way through its dark quarters. With unexpected thrills and ghostly encounters with Djinn ‘Haunted Heights’ is a must-visit attraction that will guarantee some haunted screams this Halloween season.  


Parents with little ones can take part in some ‘Trick or Treating’ fun as an alternative, with free candies being given away every day. Throughout the Halloween period, parents can pick up a Trick or Treat bucket while their children visit different themed houses to collect Halloween sweets.     


Guests can experience ‘Haunted Heights’ or Trick or Treating every day from 1pm – 6pm from 17 October – 8 November. For General Admission over 1.1m, the cost is 295AED and guests under 1.1m the cost AED235 which includes single admission to ‘Haunted Heights’ or the Trick or Treat. 


For further information, please click on the links below to download press release + images.  And, should you need to know about this new attraction and would like to speak with Chris Perry, General Manager of Wild Wadi then please let me know.