Assaad Tarabay

A film producer, an event organizer, and a leading figure in the PR field with a list of regional and local contacts, Assaad Taraby has secured a top notch presence in all kinds of events.


Born in 1981, in Tannourine, Assaad Tarabay was raised in Beirut, and is the son of Fawaz Tarabay and Layla Harb, brother of actress Nada Tarabay. He studied at the Christian Teaching Institute from 1985-1999, where he was rewarded as the most talented person during his last three years of school. Assaad majored in Business Marketing at NDU and Mastered in Business Administrations, where he handled several events for the university. In his early 20s, Assaad managed several nightclubs and their PR tactics, such as Citrus, Starlet, Palais, Metis, Blush, Bubbles, Copas, and Life.


In 2003, Assaad won Mr. Lebanon 2003 and was the 1st runner-up of Mr. World, making history as the first Lebanese to reach this place in the Mr. World Competition, the biggest male pageant in the world. Since then, he starred in more than 20 video clips, for artists such as Bassima, Shereen Abel Wahab, Pamela, Dominique Hourany, Yasmine El Gohary and others. He also acted in more than 60 TV ads for major brands including Coca Cola, Mirinda, McDonald’s, Clorets, Nissan, Puck, and Rifae Mix.


He was the image du marque for Nemer Saade couture for three years and in 2004, he became the first Lebanese to be picked as the image for an international clothing brand, Jack and Jones. His face was on the brand shirts sold worldwide. In 2007, Assaad opened T Group Productions (www.tgroupproductions.net) where he started producing films, Help (2007), and My Last Valentine in Beirut (2012), the first 3D film in the Arab world.


Assaad is currently living in Dubai working for Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE and The Act.


Assaad’s Note:


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How would you define yourself after those numerous experiences?


I have learned to enjoy every minute of my life. I am very proud of what I have achieved. I will never wait for something external to make me happy. Precious is the time I have spent, whether it was at work or with my family and friends. I enjoyed and savored my journey in life.


I have read a lot of books which helped me conquer what I want, and control my surroundings and making me love what I have and be appreciative. I see myself as a very thankful person, I appreciate hard work. I like beauty and cherish kind people. I am always ready to hear good and funny things. I like to always be happy and smiling.


Who are you thankful for?


I am thankful for my family, my friends, my colleagues, my new job in Dubai and everything that made me what I am now. I am thankful for the losses, the mistakes, and the sins I committed which made me now a better person.  I am thankful that I overcame the bad times which made me more appreciative of what I have now. My advice to you is to live every day to the max, enjoy it, make it useful, don’t stay at home, go out, and meet people. Also, make new friends, kiss, have fun, go crazy sometimes, love each other, and think positive. Love yourself; nothing deserves to bring you down. You are the reason of your happiness, enjoy every moment of your life, be proactive, do everything, and don’t let anyone stop you on your way. (I worked on more than 50 projects, failed in most, but it made me a stronger human being.)


Enjoy life; enjoy the wine, the bread, the kiss, the trip, and the hug. Think of the present; forget the past, focus on the NOW and the future. Your time will arrive, and most importantly: thank your God for everything. There is always a reason for our existence in the end.


What is your biggest achievement?


It is overcoming my fear of failure, instability, and leaving my country. I have achieved a lot on my journey, but the biggest achievement which cost me everything was my film, My Last Valentine in Beirut. (I have produced one of the biggest cinema projects in the area, entering history for producing the first 3D Arabic film.) Other achievements I’m proud of include winning Mr. Lebanon and then becoming the 1st runner-up in Mr. World, the biggest achievement in the world of male beauty pageant. I’m also proud of having my face on Jack and Jones shirts that were sold all over the world.


How did you decide to move to Dubai? Can you tell us more about this transition?


Moving to Dubai wasn’t hard at all, but the decision to change careers again was a little bit harder than expected.


I moved to be part of an amazing team and the most professional hospitality group in Dubai. We currently manage two brands. The first is the internationally award winning beach club Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE which offers a unique natural environment, unlike any other one in the UAE, providing the highest quality of comfort, service, and entertainment with accessibility by car, helicopter and yacht. The second venue we manage is The Act, which is a unique concept that combines theater, nightlife and dining, providing guests a unique, sophisticated experience. Located on the 42nd floor of the Shangri-La Hotel, it is the highest theatre-venue in the world.


As a producer, what kinds of projects do you think are worth investing in?


A great selling script, a great star, and a strong distributor; if you have those three elements combined together, it is guaranteed that you will make good profit from the movie.


If you want to be remembered for one thing, what would it be?


It is still too early to answer this question, as I am still young, and the future is huge for me, so I prefer not to answer it now. Maybe I will in twenty years.


What are your future projects?


Nothing is planned for now. Still, you never know, I guess I will be back very soon to the production field, and start producing new feature movies. But until then, nothing is really planned.  Maybe a nice wife??!!!