By Mireille Rizk Corbani


No-brainer is needed to recognize the natural mouth and breath freshener…It’s Mint! Not only Mint will grow crazy in your garden, being known for its ability to invade whether in full or in partial sun, but this hardy herb will have far more to offer to your health than to your garden. Holding its refreshing aroma and its distinctive zesty taste, this magical herb have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. So let’s start!


Promoting digestion

Well, your grandma wasn’t wrong when she used to make for you a cup of mint tea when you felt sick to your stomach. Mint calms stomachs in cases of indigestion or inflammation. Actually, the scent of mint activates the glands that secrete the digestive enzymes, thus facilitating digestion. Mint could also be consumed before the main course so the food will be digested comfortably.


Remedy for Nausea

Just the smell of freshly crushed mint leaves is enough for most of people to alleviate stomach problems. In fact, some pregnant women and many people keep mint-flavored products with them at all time to avoid nausea. The secret remains in the strong and refreshing aroma of mint, known as a quick and effective therapy for nausea.



Ever felt lazy, nervous, miserable or fatigued? Don’t go for chemical therapies. Choose the natural one: again it’s Mint. Mint is present as a natural medicine and a stimulant for your brain by improving its activity. In fact, the smell alone of Mint and its derivative oils could be enough to boost your brain functions on a very high level. Whether you inhale the freshly crushed leaves, ingest it or applying its oil derivative over your body, Mint will be your magical pill.


Oral Care

No wonder why mint is one of the most used elements in toothpastes, mouthwashes, and other dental hygiene products. Mint has some germicidal qualities; it cleans the tongue and teeth, creating a barrier for bacterial growth. Those were some of the medicinal properties of Mint! If you’ve just felt bored or tired, go to your kitchen and get your refreshing brain boost just right now.