Juliette Binoche went to writer/director Olivier Assayas pitched the idea of the film to him. He liked it and wrote a script with the idea.


GENRE: Drama

DIRECTOR: Oliver Assayas

STARRING: Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart, Chloe Grace Mortez


Olivier Assayas directs some of the best movies in contemporary French cinema as his work combines a lot of talk and restraint… even espionage drama “Carlos” filled its five-hour running time with more strategizing and interpersonal relationships than action! He’s back now with Clouds of Sils Maria, which centers on the struggles of an aging actress and her personal assistant. However, it’s also a cynical look at the business

of making movies that explores why such narratives present a challenge for viewers. Binoche’s layered performance calls to mind her memorable turn in Abbas Kiarostami’s Certified Copy, in which her character similarly veered from one personality to another, while the full nature of her identity remained uncertain! Ultimately, the ideas in the film points to the tragedy of talent losing its currency in an everchanging marketplace. It’s a simple assertion, but it effectively illustrates how a basic point has been lost on so many people. That takeaway makes Clouds of Sils Maria into an argument for its own existence: Real environments and intelligent exchanges tell better stories than any modicum of escapism. Contrasting styles between stars of two different generations make this Cannes 2014 competition title, a rich study of actor’s insecurity that is not to be missed.