Jack Nicholson and Tommy Lee Jones were considered for the role that went to Robert Duvall.


GENRE: Drama

DIRECTOR: David Dobkin

STARRING: Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall, Vera Farmiga


Refreshing as it is to see Robert Downey Jr. step out of the Iron Man suit for a spell, the critics’ eyes are still out on whether an impressive talent roster can draw enough grown-up eyeballs to this overlong, resolutely oldfashioned male hero. Downey’s hotshot Chicago lawyer Hank Palmer is anything but sympathetic, a slippery customer known for defending “only the rich and guilty,” a guy whose obvious quick wit has soured into attack-mode glibness. At the outset, however, he’s sobered a bit by the double whammy of his wife’s infidelity and the death of his mother, which sends him on what is intended to be a quick visit home, his first in a very long time. There, he meets his dad (Robert Duvall), the imposing patriarch everyone calls “Judge” due to his eminent career on the bench dating back more than four decades. Although they theoretically share an interest in the law, Judge’s preoccupation with justice stands in distinct relief to Hank’s obsession with winning, which is just the professional aspect of the strain between the two gifted men. Vera Farmiga & Vincent D’Onofrio do a great supporting job! Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall make a memorable duo in this uneven but entertaining dysfunctional-family legal drama The Judge.