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By Elizabeth M. Bonker and Virginia G. Breen


This is the story of both Bonker, as she progresses from a young child with no communication skills to a 13-yearold who can write sentences and poetry, and her mother, Breen, on her journey to seek help for her daughter. Breen recounts how she hired the best therapists for Bonker and eventually took her to Soma Mukhopadhyay, developer of the Rapid Prompting Method and mother of autistic writer Tito Mukhopadhyay (Beyond the Silence), who taught Bonker to use a communication device. Breen constantly bargained with her school district to keep her daughter in an inclusive setting. She connected with doctors and other mothers of autistic children and learned of new methods of behavioral therapies and biomedical interventions. Though the book is written mostly in Breen’s voice, the text is peppered with Bonker’s poems and her descriptions of them. Though Bonker can’t speak, she can convey what is in her mind and heart.



Autism is a development disorder that can be recognized in individuals during childhood. Usually autistic people find it hard to communicate, express emotions, and engage in a physical touch. Although these difficulties might seem crucial, still plenty of autistic cases around us managed to achieve great accomplishments.



was diagnosed with autism since the age 2, the doctors then told her mother that she will never be able to talk or walk for the rest of her, but her mother never gave up on

her. Grandin now is Animal and Science professor, and she is engaged in animal rights actions. She wrote successful books about autism, and her own experiences.



was known for his great skills in math and writing. A documentary called “The boy with the incredible brain” talked about his ability to describe how his mind thinks and functions, and mentioned the issues and difficulties when it came to language and socializing.



was one of the contestants of American Idol, he used to see his autism as an assent rather than a disability. He was diagnosed as a kid with Asperger’s Syndrome (a type of autism), he believed that this gave him a new vision for life.