Revamping old pieces of furniture can add a bit of style to the dull days and a personal touch to your house, so that it feels home. Revamping furniture brings out the artist in you. Each piece you put your hands on will be transformed, as an old creation blooming into a new conception. A breeze of life. Inspiration and ideas can be concretized in new concepts, where images, wallpaper samples, magazine cut outs, colors and fabrics, every single part of different pieces can become one whole entity, a furniture of stylishness. Old turns into modern, vintage turns into style, equipment turns into art and life blooms in different shapes and colors. An ode for art.





Furniture designers Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi have twice been among the selected participants in MINDCRAFT, which annually showcases the best of Danish contemporary design and craft at Fuori Salone in Milan. But at the next instalment of the world’s largest design event, the duo will be in charge of selecting the innovative Danish craftspeople and designers who are going to be included in the exhibition. The two designers were appointed as curators for MINDCRAFT15 by the Committee for Crafts and Design Project Funding under the Danish Arts Foundation. Stine Gam is Danish, and Enrico Fratesi is Italian. Their respective backgrounds come through in a design expression that draws on classic Danish furniture design as well as an intellectual and conceptual Italian approach. GamFratesi have made a name for themselves internationally, both as designers and as exhibition architects. Their work fuses tradition and renewal and takes an experimental approach to materials and techniques, which they also bring into play when they curate and create exhibitions.