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BY Mireille Rizk Corbani


Would it be possible for an ingredient to show cancer-fighting properties? I’ve heard that question many times from hundreds of women. The question was simple and truthful: YES! Hippocrates wasn’t wrong when he said: “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.” And the latter quote typically applies in Breast Cancer disease. So let’s prevent this beast from getting into your body from the step door of your kitchen. Here are five of the most dominant breast cancer–fighting foods:


1. Fresh Mushrooms

Oyster and shiitake mushrooms, among others, contain antioxidants that may increase cancer protection. It was proven that a higher mushroom intake is associated with a lower risk of breast cancer. Mushrooms were also known to force down the estrogen-producing enzyme more than 60%, which decreases the risk of breast cancer disease occurrence by almost half.


2. Flaxseed

The nutrients present in Flaxseed, whether in its ground or oil form, were found to form a defense against cancer cells that are responsible for causing breast cancer. Mainly, it’s the fiber, the omega-3 and the lignans that help in creating this protection. You can include it in your salad or on your breakfast as an integration in your diet.


3. Garlic

Allium is a cancer-fighting compound present in Garlic and relatives. It was known to slow tumor growth and prevent breast cancer risk. That’s why it’s highly recommended to crush or swallow a piece of garlic every morning to reduce any risk for breast cancer. You can then eat an “apple” that may help deodorizing the enzymes in garlic to get rid of the smell.


4. Pomegranate

Not to forget that about 70 percent of breast cancers need estrogen to grow; it’s important to mention that pomegranate is a breast-cancer-blocking super food that suppresses the production of estrogen. Pinky and sweet, pomegranate is boosted with polyphenol- an antioxidant that prevent cancer growth. It’s much recommended in order to prevent breast cancer.


5. Turmeric

A pinch of turmeric fights the toughest kinds of cancer-causing cells; Breast cancer is one of them. Turmeric sort of marks the suicide of cancer cells, making it a basic ingredient in your kitchen drawer. Lots of other ingredients should be also present in your kitchen, such as Kale, Broccoli, Berries, Walnuts and salmon. Just don’t go for chemical choices, go natural, keep a smile on your face, stay positive and cancer won’t ever never knock your healthy door.