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Katy Perry


“If you’re presenting yourself with confidence, you can pull off pretty much anything” – Katy Perry


Created by Pierre Negrin of Firmenich, Royal Revolution, a tempting and irresistible floral, conquers at first breath. Tantalizing top notes of pink freesia kissed by the nectar of ruby-red pomegranate captivate the senses with its’ sexy musk and soft vanilla orchid linger on the skin, ensuring an unrivaled and unforgettable dry down. Known in the Dark Ages for its magical powers and used in spells of impenetrable protection, the Mystical Blackthorn epitomizes the balance of feminine beauty and wild rebellion with its delicate white flowers protected by its prickly ebony bark.


Beauty and confidence go hand in hand. Wear your confidence along with your accessories and hold to it tight like you hold your bag. There is nothing prettier than a woman walking in confidence.