Giorgio Moroder’s Pyramid

From the birth of synth-based disco to canonisation by Daft Punk, Giorgio Moroder bestrides the history of dance music like an arpeggiating cyborg colossus. However, alongside his musical achievements someone clearly thought there was something of the architect about Moroder. So much so that, some years back, a mysterious Dubai-based corporation asked him to design a pyramid to grace the Dubai skyline. Details are sketchy and the story is alluded to fleetingly in interviews with the great man but, what with one thing and another, the project never left the blueprint stage. 

Curated by Simon Coates and sitting somewhere between an installation, a tribute and an art exhibition, Giorgio Moroder’s Pyramid, which will take place at DUCTAC’s Gallery of Light from 14th – 25th October, continues the conversation.  The show includes specially-commissioned artwork that imagines what the pyramid would have looked like had it been built alongside musical tributes and more.



Harold Faltermeyer – Moroder collaborator and Grammy-winning composer/producer.

LuckyPDF – London-based artist collective.
Shusei Nagaoka – Japanese illustrator who designed artwork for Moroder, Earth Wind & Fire, Electric Light Orchestra and more.
The Broca Ensemble – experimental 9-piece guitar team based in London.
Veronika Hauer – contemporary artist based in Vienna.

Andreas Heller – contemporary artist based in Vienna.

Ghada Da – Saudi Arabian artist and curator based in London.

Andy Buchan – Dubai DJ and editor of Infusion magazine.

Wriggly Scott – DJ and producer based in London.

Pete Bellotte – Moroder collaborator and songwriter best known for Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff

Sara Al Haddad & Simon Coates – Dubai-based contemporary artists


Listings Info:

Giorgio Moroder’s Pyramid


The Gallery of Light, DUCTAC

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

14th – 25th October 2014

9AM – 10PM (Fridays 2PM – 10PM)

Opening: 7pm, 14th October 2014

+971 4 341 4777