By Chantal Souaid McHanatf


At the end of the summer, you might be having some friends or family over for a weekend. Welcoming guests for a weekend is not an easy task especially that you want to make them feel at home, entertain them as well as have fun yourself. Here are some simple steps to help you plan ahead and welcome your guest:


1. Plan the wee kend

Decide on what type of activities you are planning to do with your guests, take their opinion about it, then prepare what needs to be prepared ahead of time. This might be reserving tickets to attend a concert, reserving for a dinner, etc.


2. Cook ahead of time

This way you will not spend the time you have with your guests cooking and so you do not order delivery all the time. Keep in mind that if your guests are traveling from far, you need to prepare refreshments for the time they arrive even if it’s not a mealtime.


3. Deep clean

Clean all your house in preparations to welcome your guests. This deep cleaning should mostly include the place where your guests will sleep. It might be the guest room and toilet in case you have one, or might be the sitting room depending on your house.


4. Change the bed covers and towels

Supply your guests with fresh clean bed covers and linens, as well as toilet towels for all purposes. Make sure to add extra blankets and pillows, and store different sizes of towels. Remember to change the towels if your guests are staying for more than one night.


5. Stack some toiletries

You can get these as samples from hotels and plane trips, or you can buy small sized ones from the supermarket. These include but is not limited to soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, cotton pads, shower cap, comp, razors etc.


6. Add some fresh flowers

Guests would really love to feel welcome, why not add a vase of fresh flowers. Remember


7. Keep a water bottle and cups

Your guest might be shy to walk around your house to drink, so keeping water in their room will help them stay hydrated.


8. Enjoy your time together

Once you finish all your preparations and your guests arrive, drop everything and just have fun, remember that’s the whole purpose of their visit!