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OMO and Comfort, Unilever’s leading fabric cleaning and fabric conditioning brands, have set the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of clothes for donations through their ‘Share A Touch Of Love This Ramadan’ campaign in UAE in partnership with Emirates Red Crescent. Over 146,000 clothes were collected, washed with OMO and Comfort and donated to the less fortunate with the help of Emirates Red Crescent. The record was made official by Guinness World Records Adjudicator Samer Khallouf.


The collection drive started at the beginning of Ramadan, July 2nd and continued till August 31th, 2014. The donations were collected through in-mall stands where people could drop off their clothes as well as through a direct line where consumers could call to have a representative pick up the apparel from their homes.


“We have been running the “Share A Touch Of Love” campaign for five years now and every year we witness a remarkable increase in the number of people giving back. The Guinness World Record is a testament of the UAE’s generosity and enthusiasm to help the less fortunate,” said Madhusudhan Rao, Vice President of Marketing at Unilever North Africa Middle East. “This campaign is in line with Unilever’s long and rich history in contributing to the society through its business and brands, and increasing its positive social impact by improving people’s lives,” added Rao.


Mr. Mohammad Abdullah Alhaj Al Zarouni, General Manager of the Dubai branch of the UAE Red Crescent, said:       

“We are extremely happy with the response received from the people of the UAE this year. This campaign truly embodies the spirit of giving in Ramadan and is another proof of the great values rooted in the people living in this country. Those donations will help several people in need and we will continue with the help of our partners to support the nations that require our attention and focus on reaching to as many people as we can.  We look forward to another successful partnership with Unilever next year and to promote the different aspects of humanitarian work that we do.”


To follow the success of the campaign, including milestones achieved in terms of donations, please log on to or


Biography – Madhusudhan Rao

Vice President Marketing, Unilever NAME


Madhu is an MBA graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, specialising in Marketing. After 3 years with Lintas: India (now Lowe Partners) in Mumbai, he joined Unilever in Brands. He has done Marketing roles across a number of Categories and Brands in India, South Asia, South East Asia and Africa.


In August 2011, Madhu moved to Dubai as Vice President, Marketing across Home, Personal Care and Foods for Unilever NAME and is responsible for driving the strategic agenda and delivering the business plans across North Africa & Middle East (NAME). 


Madhu is married with two children. His interests include visual arts, travel and cultures.