Feng Shui Your Life For A Better Sleep.jpg

Feng Shui Your Life For A Better Sleep

By Cristiano Falconi, Feng Shui

Consultant, Sleep Matters Ambassador


Did you know that if you follow Feng Shui principles, you can improve the quality of your sleep? Feng Shui works on the basis that you have an emotional energy field running through and around your body. By understanding the vital connection between you and the space in which you live, you can change the things that influence your sleep for a better night’s rest, and as a result have a healthier lifestyle.


Every 24 hours, we must incorporate time for work, time to nurture ourselves, and time to rejuvenate through a good night’s sleep. During the daylight hours, the energy is more yang. We can harness this yang energy to be active, to work, to produce. At night, the energy is more yin, which is ideal for resting, going into our self deeply, and finding a place of inner calm.


According to Feng Shui, it is best to be active when there is light outside and sleep when it is dark. It is important to prepare your body and mind for sleep time in order to maximize your body’s ability to relax and sleep deeply. At least one hour before you sleep, finish all phone conversations. Turn off your computer and the TV. Create an atmosphere around you that encourages a calm state of mind. Listen to relaxing music; avoid harsh overhead lighting, and light candles. Take a hot shower. If the day was particularly difficult, use a sea salt body scrub which will exfoliate your body and cleanse your chakras. After your shower, apply your favorite body oil or put some fragrant oil, like lavender, in an essential oil burner. Creating a subconscious connection between a perfume and a relaxing time will be very helpful to support a serene sleep. Use white sheets on your bed. Avoid strong colors and large patterns as they may over stimulate you and interfere with your sleep. White 100% cotton or linen sheets are the best.