A Piece Of Nepal On Earth…

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There, I love you, beyond…

By Marie-Christine Tayah



Bonds between people, nature, living creatures and beings who once existed. Everything is connected. Souls, oceans, cleaning rain, colors, elements, and sky.


Pigeons, temples, hippies, 1968’s kings, faces, places, and dreams. It’s all in there… In this little piece of heaven on Earth, my Nepal.


Dreams that could have existed and been shared, dreams that could have been, dreams that will never be. In the name of all those dreams, of our daily life, of the people who left us and of those who walk with us, side by side, Nepal exists.


There is a meaning for colors, rivers, mountains, clouds, pure smiles, and life songs out there. There is a place where one can breathe.


POKHARA. One of the best site seeing in the world, not to say the best. There, bridges link yesterday to today, memories with captivating instants, and death with life. There, life is simple, houses are homes, and everything is in the now of a moving waterfall or a still lake.


KATHMANDU. Crowded city with monkey temple, you live. Out of nothing and every single thing: people’s energy. Old souks, ancient temples, living goddesses, and colors, colors…


BAKHTAPUR. City of red stones and artisanal masterpieces… Portraits, kokiri, pottery, dwells… You enchant each visitor and pay homage to those who visited this place long before…


DHULIKHEL. Where Eco Farm Home embraces homeless children, who educate us. They teach us that love is in a smile, that responsibility is part of the growing up process that pure bonds are the truest, and that childhood is life’s best and treasures.


In Nepal, beyond limits and limitations, everything is one; the sky, the earth, and the souls.


There, the rain can clean up everything, people’s hair, bodies, and hearts.


Everything is love and everything lives.

Even death.