How To Organize Your Official Papers

By Chantal Souaid McHanatf


One of the most important thing to organize in your life is your official papers. These are the papers that you never find when you truly need them. Having organized your official papers will make it very easy for you to find them, thus saves up a tedious work and stress.





a. Passports

b. Passport pictures

c. Birth certificates

d. Wedding Certificates

e. Insurance policies

f. House and car ownership papers

g. Tax forms and other forms


2. YOUR TOOLS: Get a binder with nylon sheets or a small separator drawer. You choose what tool suits you best, what is important is being able to divide all items. Place each of the above items together. In that case, all the official documents of all the people in the house should be in this folder.


3. STORE SOMEWHERE SAFE: do not store this folder in the kitchen where chances of being burnt are high. I suggest placing them in a fireproof safe in case you have one, or store it in your home office.


4. SAVE SOFT COPIES: with the recent technological boom, I suggest that you scan and save these official documents on a cloud online. You can save them on Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud. This will help retrieve them instantaneously if needed, and this is currently a safe haven.


5. SET RENEWAL REMINDERS: in case some of these official documents expire, set reminders ahead of time that will remind you of their renewal, this works for passports for example. Also, set reminders to do your taxes. Reminders used on credible tools are the best way to keep everything under control.