Milky Chance

Who are they?

Milky Chance is a German alternative pop folk rock duo. Their music influences are a mixture of reggae and electronic music. Whith Clemens Rehbein as vocalist and musician and Philipp Dausch as DJ, the duo got ahead really fast. Both originating from Kassel they are signed to Lichtdicht Records label.


How did they get started?

The duo finished their secondary education at Jacob-Grimm-Schule. At that time, Clemens played in a jazz quartet known as Flown Tones where he played bass guitar, while Philipp was a DJ.  In 2012, they started by launching some materials online. “Stolen Dance” attracted attention.

What’s more?

In 2013, they released “Sadnecessary.”  The album included the tracks “Stolen dance” and “Down by the River.” It was successful. Both the album and the debut single “Stolen Dance” charted in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.

Latest news

In May 2013, Milky Chance had a sold-out tour of Germany to promote the album and took part in a number of music festivals including Dockville Festival in Hamburg. What’s more? They will get on a European tour in 2014.


“Sadnecessary” lyrics

Mirror, mirror
Who is the happiest?
Is it the lover or
is it the beloved?
And mirror, mirror
Can I blame you for this
when heartbreakers come around?

You shot my heart
Like a bullet all alone
When you leave me
Please carry me home
Mirror, mirror
Can I blame you for this
when heartbreakers come around?

Sadnecessary is what you promise me
All I can do is follow the tears